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About AlphaSuit Custom Suits: How It Started and Where We’re Going

For over 25 years, I’ve produced custom suits for some of America’s most well-known men and women. I, Sean McKee, have brought that experience into the mass market by offering bespoke and ready-to-wear suits at unimaginably low prices. When I started AlphaSuit, I did so with the goal of helping up-and-coming professionals get the clothing they needed without overspending.

How do We do it?

Because AlphaSuit isn’t a brick and mortar store, we don’t have to worry about the costs that come with running a retail outlet. Rather than spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on inventory, rent, employees, and other expenses, I run AlphaSuit out of co-working spaces with almost no overhead.

When you visit our office, we’ll take detailed measurements and ask you to try on stock garments so we can determine your suit size. We’ll then use those measurements to order a ready-made suit or tailor something just for you.

What is a Bespoke Suit?

Derived from the term “bespeak”, which means to give orders, a bespoke suit is one that’s customized to fulfill the wearer’s vision. These original, one-of-a-kind suits are made to perfectly suit your preferences, and because it’s made just for you, it will be handcrafted based on your body’s exact measurements.

Our Options

Here at Alpha Suit, we have tailoring options for every person and every budget. Whether you’re buying your first suit or you already have a closet full, you can take advantage of the following suit tailoring options.

Our ready-to-wear suits aren’t the same as the ones you’d find in a department store. With our top-quality materials and expert craftsmanship, you can wear these suits right off the rack.

Our made-to-measure suits start with patterns that are made to fit your exact measurements. Though they’re not made in a factory, these suits are based on pre-existing designs.

Our bespoke suits are created without the use of pre-made patterns or existing designs.

I’ve been in the clothing business long enough to know that it takes time to make a well-tailored, unique suit. It takes a high level of trust and collaboration, which means that for some, finding the right tailor can be a challenge. Let me help you learn about suiting construction so you can bring your vision to life.

Our Prices

AlphaSuit makes ready-to-wear men’s suits and bespoke suits for men and women at a mere fraction of traditional prices. Though pricing varies by location, here’s a basic price range for your consideration.

Custom suits for women and men: $495 to $895

Ready-to-wear options: $195 to $595

Custom shirts: $95 to $149

Ready-to-wear shirts: $49 to $89

Alpha Suit’s clothing can be bought in person or via our concierge service. Visit our showroom and measuring center or call us to find out about our pop-up services, which are great for weddings and other special events.

Why Buy a Custom Suit From Us?

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of buying a custom suit, it may seem like a frivolous expense. After all, custom made suits are typically much costlier than those bought off the rack in department stores. However, the difference in price also comes with a marked difference in quality. While our off-the-rack suits are very well designed and made using only premium fabrics, nothing fits better than a custom-tailored, bespoke suit.

Our custom suits offer unparalleled:









AlphaSuit and I, Sean McKee, have made it easy to look your very best whether you’re attending a special event or a business meeting. Contact us today to get started on your custom made suit!

Benefits of AlphaSuit’s Custom Clothing

There’s something unique and memorable about getting a suit that’s made just for you. Custom made suits from AlphaSuit never go out of style, and they can give you an extra boost of confidence. Here are a few of the other benefits of custom suits:

Better fit. How many times have you bought a shirt, a sport coat, or a pair of slacks only to want to return them simply because they don’t fit quite right? Or, how many suits are hanging in your wardrobe right now because they aren’t comfortable? At AlphaSuit, we’ve worked to eliminate those regrets. Our custom dress shirts, custom sportscoats, and bespoke suits are made to fit you perfectly. You’ll choose the sleeve length, fit type, and other qualities. When something fits well and is flattering, you’ll look and feel good.

Quality materials and manufacturing. When you purchase an “off the rack” suit, you’re limited to the styles and materials that are available. Our made-to-measure suits and bespoke suits are made from some of the world’s highest quality materials and our expert craftsmen will help you choose the right feel. By considering when and where you’ll wear a new suit, we can pick the right materials and ensure long-lasting quality.

Nothing fits quite like a custom made suit. Whether you’re a professional searching for well-made women’s suits or you’re a groomsman in need of one of our wedding suits, we can help you look and feel your absolute best. Call today to request an appointment or to get additional information.

Mens suits

We Highlight Your Style and Your Personality

Ready-to-wear suits and professional wear serve an important purpose, but they don’t do much to let your unique style shine through. Our custom suits and shirts are made with a personal touch that takes them from “off the rack” to truly extraordinary. When you order a suit from us, you’ll be able to customize:

Its texture and color. A suit or sportcoat’s color will help its wearer stand out from the crowd, while the texture of the fabric indicates its quality. By selecting your own fabric, you’ll bring your sartorial vision to life and gain the extra confidence needed to get things done in the workplace.

The design of the collar. Not all suit collars are the same, and our skilled tailors will customize your shirt or sportcoat’s collar to suit your style, face shape, and other aspects.

The shape of the suit itself. We can shape your hems, cuffs, pockets, and other suit features to fit your preferences and your style.

There’s a lot to be said for the purchase of a bespoke suit. When your clothes are customized, you’ll have greater control over every aspect of the design process. Let the experts at AlphaSuit help you create a suit that shows your personality and your unique style.

We Help You Save Time

For some men and women, clothes shopping is near the bottom of the to-do list. It can be challenging and frustrating, not to mention expensive, to find something that flatters you and fits well. However, with a bespoke or made-to-measure suit from AlphaSuit, you’ll get just what you’re looking for. You’ll know exactly when it’ll be ready, and you won’t waste any time going from one department store to the next in hopes of finding the right fit.

Choose AlphaSuit For Durable, Cost-Efficient Professional Clothing

Just because off-the-rack suits cost less than those that are custom made, it doesn’t always bring long-term savings. Custom made suits from AlphaSuit are a great investment. They’re made of higher quality materials, they’re sewn by expert craftsmen, and because you won’t have to replace them as often, they’re a cost-effective option.

We’re Not as Costly As You Think

Have you ever purchased a garment, worn it a few times, and relegated it to the darkest reaches of your closet? Those one-off purchases add up quickly, don’t they? When you invest in custom suits and shirts, though, you’ll get more use out of these items. Because they’re made just for you, you’ll want to wear them more often, and the cost per wear will go down with time. Are you ready to invest in high-quality custom clothing? Look no further than AlphaSuit and Sean McKee.

Let Us Help You Build Your Professional Wardrobe

There’s no set-in-stone answer to the question “How many suits or shirts should I own?” Everyone’s fashion preferences and workwear needs are different; the businessman who wears a suit five days a week will of course need more options than someone who only dresses up for special events.

The experts at AlphaSuit recommend at least five suits for those who have them dry-cleaned and pressed often. The more coats, pants, and shirts you buy, the less wear and tear they’ll receive, and the more options you’ll have. Our best clients buy several suits pers year, and we love helping them look great wherever they go.

What Are You Waiting For?

The process of choosing a bespoke suit is a daunting one for the uninitiated, and for others, it seems unnecessary because there are so many ready-to-wear options. However, custom suits are investment pieces that will last longer than almost anything else in your closet. If you’re ready to start creating your own unique look, call today to make an appointment with the experts at AlphaSuit.